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Energy project financing

EnergyLink’s team of financial analysts will work to find the best energy project financing options for your organization’s needs. With options that involve no out-of-pocket expenses, project financing makes energy projects feasible for businesses of all sizes.

Leverage our energy project financing options

Power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Provide predictable long-term electric rates and require no upfront costs for solar and storage upgrades, using a third party ownership model

Energy as a service agreements

Third party ownership model in which a customer pays a subscription-based energy service fee lower than local utility rates

Managed energy service agreements

Third party owner will assume all responsibility for the installation and maintenance of an energy project in exchange for a monthly fee

Energy service agreements

Involve a third party investor or developer that provides capital for renewable energy projects in exchange for regular service payments from the customer

Solar service agreements

A third party investor finances the design and construction of a solar project on behalf of a customer who is looking to install solar

C-PACE project financing

Offers 100% of the required funding for energy efficient and renewable energy projects without utilizing any existing lines of credit or capital upfront

Energy service performance contracts

Provide a contracted amount of energy savings in return for a monthly premium. The customer uses future, guaranteed energy savings to pay for facility upgrades

Green leases for rental properties

Realign cost structures to include sustainability or renewable energy measures. These agreements benefit both the tenant and landlord of rental properties

USDA REAP Grants & Loans

Offered by the USDA Rural Development Office to eligible towns and cities. Grants are valued at up to 50% of total project costs and loans are up to 75%

Energy rebates

Subsidize costs for automation systems, energy efficient water heaters, HVAC upgrades, lighting retrofits, solar panels and other building upgrades

Tax credits

Offer deductions from respective tax bills. The solar investment tax credit (ITC) is worth 26% of new commercial projects 2022, 22% in 2023 and 10% in 2024

Traditional bank loans

Involve 20-25 year financing options for building upgrades. Energy savings produced from these upgrades hasten the payback period for energy efficient projects

Partner with us design. build. fund.

We are a certified National Energy Service Company (ESCO) that designs projects for commercial and industrial entities.

We will be your partner throughout each stage of your project. We have extensive experience managing complex & integrated project installations and offer a variety of financial modeling and project funding opportunities. 

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Third-party financed projects

Take a look at some of our case studies to see the results we can produce for corporations. Get in touch below if you’re interested in starting a project. 

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Start your project

Fill out the form below and an EnergyLink representative will get back to you as soon as possible to start the process