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A national Energy Service Company

EnergyLink is dedicated to helping businesses & non-profits go green & lower utility costs

Founded in 2010 with a vision of being a leading clean tech company, EnergyLink is dedicated to helping companies better themselves and the environment with renewable energy

Who is EnergyLink?

EnergyLink is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm who installs renewable energy and energy efficiency products for commercial businesses and non-profits. The EnergyLink team also handles funding and financial services to make the energy project process as simple as possible. Instead of dealing with multiple intermediaries, you only have to work with our team, from the start of the project to its conclusion.

After conducting an energy audit to evaluate your building’s current energy systems, EnergyLink’s team will pinpoint areas for improvement and suggest solutions. Specifically, we evaluate and make suggestions for: thermal boundaries, lights, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.

Key benefits of working with EnergyLink

All-in-one services

EnergyLink handles each step of an energy project from start to finish, making the process as simple and fast as possible.

Better energy solutions

Our engineering team has the experience to design systems geared towards increased performance at reduced costs

Positive cash flows

Positive cash flows from day one are possible through creative financial planning by financial experts who know the industry.

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Our process

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