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Building automation systems

Leverage advanced building automation systems

A building automation system (BAS) interconnects and manages equipment such as HVAC, solar, EV chargers, and batteries throughout a building to optimize energy use and lower costs. BAS controls provide access to information on equipment performance and utility metering. Controls can also forecast energy demand, allowing the system to adjust according to a building’s needs.

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Along with increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs, a building automation system offers insight into inefficiently operating equipment that building owners and operators might not otherwise have access to. This insight makes it possible for facility managers to detect and fix issues related to building system performance.

BAS technology can also cultivate a comfortable environment for all who frequent a building with temperature control. A building automation system allows HVAC systems to work in unison to heat and cool an environment. BAS with Wi-Fi capabilities enable virtual controlled thermostats via Direct Digital Controls (DDC). 

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