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Advance decarbonization goals

Investing in decarbonization is a lucrative endeavor for corporations or institutions wanting to invest in their current operations, or parties looking to invest in corporations that demonstrate a commitment to environmental, social and governance values.

At EnergyLink, it is our goal to help publicly traded corporations achieve their environmental goals and lower carbon emissions. Our team also seeks to help private equities invest in decarbonization with confidence.

Invest in a sustainable future

If you are a corporation, publicly traded entity or institution looking to invest in your organization’s operations and sustainability, partner with EnergyLink. Our team has the capability to design, build and acquire funding for renewable or energy efficiency projects that help organization achieve their decarbonization goals.

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If you are a fund manager, asset manager or private equity group looking to invest in decarbonization and diversity your portfolio, it is our goal to help you invest with confidence and generate a positive ROI

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Partner with us design. build. fund.

EneryLink is a certified national energy service company (ESCO) that designs projects for a range of commercial and industrial organizations. We are an experienced partner and resource when it comes to navigating project financing, engineering, design, EPC and integrated applications. 

We will be your partner throughout each state of the project and we also offer multiple types of funding to our investment grade clients. We are a design-build-fund firm able to provide funding for more complex projects through our capital partnerships.

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