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Development capital

Leverage capital necessary to make projects permit ready

One of the biggest reasons projects don’t get off the ground is because they encounter a shortage of funds while trying to reach the required status to access their project financing.

Lenders will only deploy project financing once a project is permit ready and has a notice to proceed (NTP). Under this model, debt is short-term and convertible.

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Pre-development capital: We are experts in assisting with the process of becoming permit ready and securing a NTP for Project Finance. We provide pre-development capital to ensure a project reaches status to access their pre-approved project financing. We can also help secure project financing if required. 

Underwriting: We provide risk analysis and underwriting for project finance. We can determine quickly if you’re offtaker is an investment grade client and can advise on whether you have a good chance of securing funding.


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We are an experienced partner and resource when it comes to navigating project financing, engineering, design, EPC and integrated applications. We know how to strategically get projects off the ground and what is required to circumvent financial roadblocks that can stop a project from becoming permit ready.  

EnergyLink is a national certified energy service company (ESCO). We are a design-build-fund firm able to provide funding for more complex projects through our capital partnerships. We focus on behind-the-meter applications, offer pre-project development capital and structured project financing to our investment grade clients.

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