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Commercial Energy Services in Austin, Texas

Gain independence from your electric grid, reduce operating costs, and increase efficiency with a comprehensive renewable energy project

Now is the time to make energy improvements

The Winter 2021 snowstorm and blackouts in Texas highlight the pressing need for businesses to have contingencies in place to protect against revenue losses during blackouts. Integrating renewable energy along with other energy efficiency upgrades will help your organization rely less on your local grid, lower your operating costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

Partner with EnergyLink to start a project that’s designed, built, and funded with positive cash flows, quick payback, and grid resilience in mind. After we audit your building, a mix of the following energy systems will be recommended and priced for your organization.

  • Power generation
  • Heating & cooling
  • Energy efficiency & controls
  • Energy storage

Services tailored specifically to Austin businesses and nonprofits

Duke Energy & Dominion Energy Rebates

We will navigate the process to secure energy rebates from Texas-New Mexico Power, Oncor Electricity, CenterPoint Energy, AEP North, or AEP Central.

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Commercial solar in Austin, TX

Get solar panels designed, built, and funded installed by an experienced engineering and construction team and start lowering your utility bills.

North Carolina C-PACE

Work with our team to kickstart a C-PACE-funded renewable energy project for no money down with positive cash flows from day one.

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