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Complex ESCO services

Leverage our complex ESCO services

With our extensive experience working on complex, first of their kind projects in multiple jurisdictions and designing bespoke applications not offered by other ESCO companies, EnergyLink is an idea partner for your next holistic behind-the-meter project.

Our team has exceptional resources and the depth to support new tech applications, and are well versed in financial modeling and creating project funding opportunities.

Invest in net zero

One of our complex ESCO services is net zero design. Net zero electric is achieved when the amount of electricity your facility uses equals the amount that’s been produced through renewable energy. It can only be achieved through a holistic energy project. 

Companies and organizations with net-zero flagship buildings or headquarters operate completely independent from the grid, and demonstrate a serious commitment to sustainability through onsite power generation. This can go a long way with stakeholders and investors looking for ESG opportunities.

Your sustainability journey

Many of today’s environmental and power generation problems can be traced back to grid stress. By incorporating renewable or energy efficiency technologies at your facility, you are helping to alleviate this stress. This is the first step towards true sustainability, or a net zero facility with renewable power generated completely onsite.

Partner with us design. build. fund.

EnergyLink is more than a national certified energy service company (ESCO). We are an experienced partner and resource when it comes to navigating project financing, engineering, design, EPC and integrated applications.

Our team focuses on behind-the-meter applications, and offers ipre-project development capital and structured project financing to our investment grade clients.

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Take a look at our project case studies to see our complex ESCO services in action. Get in touch below if you would like to start a project and start your sustainability journey.


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