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Emerging tech

Leverage emerging tech to advance ESG goals

At EnergyLink, we are pioneering the future for decarbonization solutions. Together with our partners, we are stepping into the future of renewable energy deployment through first in kind projects and investing capital into research and development.  

Many groups are looking to diversify their investments into energytech applications. With an expansive resume and proven track record in installing first of its kind tech, we also serve as a resource for those looking to seek further understanding in our industry.

Invest in the next frontier of energy tech

Battery Energy Storage Icon

Energy storage

Store and distributes excess power for use at times of peak demand

Iron flow batteries

An environmentally safe commercial battery option used for energy storage


Solar photovoltaic systems generate power on top of croplands

Graphite batteries

Rapid response battery technology that has high energy density and a long life cycle

Green hydrogen

Net-zero electricity source and energy storage solution generated from renewable power sources

Zero carbon RNG

Otherwise known as biodigesters, generated from human-made biomass already present in the environment

Combined Heating & Power Icon

Integrated combined heat & power

Generate on-site power integrated with solar by converting waste heat from machinery and natural gas to electricity

Zero carbon waste to energy

Sustainable waste treatment process that creates electricity, heat or fuel from a waste source

Partner with us design. build. fund.

We are a design-build-fund firm able to provide funding for more complex projects through our investment partnerships. We focus on behind-the-meter applications, offer pre-project development capital and structured project financing to our investment grade clients. 

We are more than an ESCO and will be an excellent resource for you throughout your project. With our extensive experience on complex, first of their kind projects in multiple jurisdictions we will be an ideal partner throughout each stage of your project. We design bespoke solutions not offered by other ESCO companies and have exceptional resources with the depth to support new tech applications.

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Completed projects

Highlighted applications

Case studies with innovative tech deployed

Take a look at some of our case studies to see the results we can produce for corporations. Get in touch below if you’re interested in starting a project. 


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Start your project

Fill out the form below and an EnergyLink representative will get back to you as soon as possible to start the process