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Affordable Family Storage Completes Stunning 80% Net Usage Solar Project

NSI Jefferson City - Rooftop Solar Array

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Feb. 12, 2019) – in order to reduce operating costs, Affordable Family Storage worked with EnergyLink to install a stunning rooftop solar array, expecting to reduce energy costs by $23,000 in the first year and offset nearly the entire facility’s energy use.

Affordable Family Storage reached out to EnergyLink because they wanted to lower the cost of maintaining their storage facilities and be more sustainable. Affordable Family Storage also wanted to take advantage of Ameren’s $0.50/kW rebate program, which is a federal solar tax credit program.

After finishing inspecting the building and reviewing the energy audit, EnergyLink decided to install 149.65 kW rooftop solar array for Affordable Family Storage. It took EnergyLink 1.5 months to complete the project. EnergyLink finished it in December, 2018.

The project is expected to produce roughly 190,000 kWh in the first year of production, offsetting over 80 percent of the entire building’s energy use.

This 100%-solar-energy project is over 100 kE, which is the Missouri threshold for net-metering projects. In this case, EnergyLink has to create a full analysis on the facility to ensure all kWh production can be consumed throughout the system’s lifetime.

“The facility of Affordable Family Storage was an excellent candidate with its flat, shade-free roof,” said Jeremy Nolen, Vice-President of Project Management at EnergyLink, “However, sometimes larger projects of this nature can be tricky because of the state limitation on net-metering. Luckily, our experienced team at EnergyLink was able to cooperate with all associated parties and jurisdictions without trouble.”

With the help from EnergyLink, Affordable Family Storage was able to take advantage of Ameren and USDA grants, which decreased the cost of the project. The payback period is estimated to be 2.5 years.

By using solar energy, Affordable Family Storage is not only able to reduce a significant amount of energy cost, but also making its facilities more sustainable and friendly to the environment.


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