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Check With Energylink When Making Energy Retrofits

The whole point behind energy retrofit projects is simple. It’s to save money.

What many people don’t realize though, is that they often don’t take all courses of actions to ensure that they are making the best changes while saving the most the possible money.

This is where EnergyLink’s expertise is handy because we can inform you and make you educated to guarantee the best short-term and long-term success for the building while saving you the money you deserve.

Energy Retrofit Projects

Whether your project is driven by improving light levels or reducing energy consumption, there’s a lot at stake.

Especially since the DOE estimates legacy lighting can account for up to 20% of your building’s energy usage.

It’s evident that you will receive proposals showing energy savings, operating and maintenance cost reductions, plus ROI and payback calculations.

Since these results vary significantly, it’s important to consult with a company like EnergyLink to guarantee the best actions are taken for your situation.

The majority of energy-efficient lighting retrofits leave significant savings on the table.

By seeking EnergyLink’s advice, it’s possible that a facility could more than double their energy savings when compared to performing a simple one-for-one retrofit without knowing all of their options.

Global Trends

Globally, business, national and local governments, and property owners have begun to retrofit millions of older buildings in a bid to cut down on energy use and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These retrofits are the most cost-efficient way to combat climate change and save on rising power bills, according to analysts ranging from the McKinsey Institute to the International Energy Agency.

In Melbourne, Australia, the city has plans to reduce energy consumption in 1,200 of its office buildings by the end of the decade.

Here in the U.S, the Environmental Protection Agency is running a “Battle of the Buildings” in which 245 facilities compete to save the most on their utility bills through energy efficiency improvements.

In recent years, five major international banks have joined four multinational energy services companies and invested $5 billion in retrofitting old buildings in 16 of the world’s biggest cities, ranging from Mexico City to Mumbai.

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