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Columbia School Finishes First Local PACE-Funded Energy Project

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Columbia Independent School completes PACE-Funded energy project in new sustainability initiative

Columbia, MO – October 24, 2018 – In an effort to have a larger sustainable impact and reduce their carbon footprint, Columbia Independent Schools enlisted EnergyLink to retrofit their school with the latest renewable energy tech. In doing so, the private school became the first school in Columbia to take on an energy project which was funded by the PACE program.

PACE is a financing option for companies interested in undergoing energy projects, which requires no money down for a project to start, has a long payment period of up to 20 years, offers off-balance sheet options, and provides even more financial incentives. It was designed with the goal of making energy projects easier to start.

Columbia Independent Schools collaborated with EnergyLink to have a stunning 99 kW rooftop solar array installed, along with a new, 15-ton rooftop HVAC unit, and Honeywell HVAC controls to optimize heating and cooling efficiency. New LED lights and destratification fans were also installed throughout the building to maximize the school’s efficiency.

“What we loved most about the CIS project was that, while the financial benefits were nice for them, they really were more concerned with the project’s contribution to the environment and their community,” said Chris Ihler, EnergyLink’s CEO. “That is an ideology EnergyLink is very proud to support.”

The project ended up offsetting 295,419 pounds of CO2 each year, which is equivalent to saving 158 acres of forest or burning 146,564 pounds of coal annually. With this contribution to the environment, Columbia Independent Schools is paving the way for other local schools to make the jump to renewable energy, and, as Ihler notes, EnergyLink is “ready and willing to support that initiative.”



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