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Commercial Solar Energy Options

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If your business is looking for a way to be more green and save some money, solar energy might be the answer. Solar energy can generate power in a more affordable way than traditional means. The generation of solar energy has significantly increased over the past decade, and today, there are a variety of commercial solar options available! Check out the list below for the top choices of solar energy systems for businesses and commercial buildings.

1. Ground Mount Solar

Ground-mounted solar panels are a common choice for large commercial solar projects and have many benefits. One of the most apparent benefits for choosing ground-mounted solar is the fact that they are readily accessible from the ground. There is no need to climb on top of the roof to clean or repair the system. Keeping your solar panels clean and in top working condition is essential to ensure they are functioning at their highest capacity. With a ground-mounted system, there are more positioning options, so you can adjust them to maximize energy output. These systems do come with a higher installation cost. They require an analysis of the soil structure before installation, and they tend to need additional materials for construction. But they are well worth the investment!

2. Rooftop Array

Installing a rooftop solar array on your commercial building can be very advantageous!  Utilizing the unused space on your roof is an excellent option for those in areas where there is not much ground space available. When the solar panels are installed on the rooftop, there is a lower probability of them being shaded by trees or other buildings. Additionally, the installation of a rooftop array is quicker and easier than ground-mounted solar. One of the downsides of a rooftop array is that it is a little more difficult to access when the panels need to be serviced or cleaned.

3. Solar Carport

Installing solar panels on top of a carport or parking garage is a great way to utilize space that would otherwise go unused. As a bonus, you will also be providing a nice shady place for employees and guests to park when visiting your business. These can be a great alternative if your commercial roof isn’t well suited for solar panel installation and you don’t have any additional space on for a ground-mounted system. If you want to make your solar carport dual-purpose, consider installing ad-ons like an integrated lighting system or EV charging stations. 

4. Solar Farm

With many solar panels spread out between one and 100 acres of land, solar farms can generate a large amount of solar energy. These solar farms work by capturing the sun’s energy, that can then be used for your own needs and then feed the unused energy into local or regional power grids. These are regulated by public utilities which can generate solar credits or allow you to use some energy from the grid if your panels didn’t produce quite enough that day. These can be quite advantageous if you have a large amount of unused land.

5. Energy Storage Systems

Having a storage unit for the solar energy your system is producing is a great way to stabilize your distribution and transmission systems by smoothing out any intermittency with the solar energy generated on any given day. 

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