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Compliment Your Building’s Energy Controls Package With ADMS


If you currently have a controls package in your building, but don’t have a demand management system, you should add ADMS.

By adding an advanced demand management system, it synchronizes your building’s energy utilizing systems to ensure that they are most using the energy most efficiently.

When it comes to dealing with high demand costs, it will also help you especially in the winter; these charges are referred to as ghost charges because utilities charge you for a certain percentage of your highest peak demand.

ADMS, combined with the one-of-a-kind process designed by EnergyLink, can provide you with savings of 25-50% of your yearly energy bill all while creating a surplus of cash flow for you business upon installation.

Investing in ADMS

EnergyLink’s innovative process reverses the out-of-date practice of pushing products and instead offers the customer a robust solution with immediate and long-term monetary gains.

We start with a deep evaluation of the monetary margin between the way a facility currently uses electricity and new ways to leverage the utility rate structure.

Finally, we apply a wealth of energy solutions, product knowledge and software programming skill to design a non-biased ADMS package to beat the utility structure and achieve the desired payback of our customer.

Today’s Demand

Today, demand accounts for 40-75% of your monthly energy bill.

With recent technology such as the building of automation systems and open programming, this allows for our proprietary software to help buildings optimize their energy usage.

Recent analysis of the electricity bill data of several major retailers and telecom companies showed that just 4% of their total energy usage drives about 40% of their total peak demand.

This seems a bit crazy, right? Essentially a tiny amount of energy use, occurring at the peak hours and largely driven by air conditioning, requires a lot of capacity that isn’t needed during the other hours of the year.

How You Benefit

It is important to understand that in today’s world, energy consumption is an investment. We ensure that with our process and expertise, your energy investment is low-risk, secure and profitable.

Typically, our client’s energy investment pays for itself in 5 years or less; not to mention, there are plenty of reliable sources to backup your energy investment. Our work qualifies for a variety of Government Energy Funds such as credits, exemptions, grants, loans, and rebates.

The numbers don’t lie: EnergyLink solutions create 20+ years of cashflow. Our clients regularly see 3-4 times their initial investment on non-profit or owner-occupied buildings, in addition to enjoying 10%+ IRR and 50% ROI.

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