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Demand Charges Could Be Hurting Your Small Business

The difference between learning how to manage your peak demand and not learning how to do so, can be very costly for your small business.

It’s important to learn and take the necessary steps available in order to take control of your energy bills, instead of letting these demand charges take your money.

Did you know?

Did you know that when you use energy can determine how much you will be paying for it?

Utilities often charge consumers a premium, or what is known as a peak demand charge, for energy that is consumed when strain on the electric grid is at its highest.

While this may not seem like much or be considered important right now, it should be.

These peak demand charges are no joke and will continue to stay around unless you make the changes necessary.

In Columbia alone, small businesses are forking over money upwards of 60% of their total energy bill alone to demand charges.

Be proactive

No one likes when charges are occur that can be avoided. Energy peak demand charges are no different and can be reduced dramatically if the necessary actions are taken.

Educate yourself to learn the ins and outs of demand and the charges that simultaneously occur along with it. Identify meaningful savings opportunities that our out there for your organization as they become available to you.

Know what exactly peak demand is, when it occurs, and how you are affected by it. Determine how the demand charges are calculated and what you are being charged for it.

Find ways to actively manage your peak demand in order to lower your energy spending and start saving. Learn how to take control of your energy bill today by managing your energy use when it really counts!

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