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Denver Issues Energy Benchmarking Ordinance


About the Ordinance: Energy Benchmarking

Recently, Denver’s Department of Environmental Health passed an energy benchmarking ordinance which requires commercial and multi-family buildings with more than a 25,000-square-foot footprint to track and publicly report their annual energy performance as part of the city’s plan to reach its 2020 climate goals; this process is called energy benchmarking.

According to the city, large commercial and multifamily buildings account for 57 percent of Denver’s harmful greenhouse gas emissions; Denver hopes this ordinance will encourage your organization to be more aware of its energy consumption. They also hope awareness of your organizations consumption will make you proactive to reduce it.

To learn more about this ordinance, visit the Department of Environmental Health’s website.

How to Comply

There a several necessary steps your organization must take to comply with this ordinance. Each step must be adhered to in their entirety to avoid penalties:

1. Benchmarking Your Facility

First, you must set up a building profile in ENERGYStar’s Portfolio Manager. Then, you will need to report your building’s energy usage data and confirm that the data has been collected within the last year. Finally, you will need to enter in your Denver Building ID and check for errors or add property notes. To retrieve your energy usage data, you will need to enlist the help of a Benchmarking Service Provider (BSP), whose services typically cost between two to five thousand dollars.

2. Send the information to the Department of Environmental Health

Access the Denver Benchmarking Data Request portal via this link and submit the data you entered into Portfolio Manager. You should receive a confirmation of your submission within twenty-four hours.

3. Deadlines & Fine for Non-Compliance

The city set June 1 as the deadline for property owners of larger buildings to file 2016 energy benchmarking reports. Those who still need to submit a report have until Sept. 1 before they face a $2,000 penalty.

Need Help With Benchmarking? Contact Our Qualified Experts in Denver

EnergyLink is a certified Benchmarking Service Provider for the city of Denver. Call (303) 525-4680 to speak with local experts to learn how we can help your company comply with this new ordinance. Deadlines are quickly approaching! 

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