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    Columbia’s First 100% Net Zero Commercial Building with Battery Backup

    April 13, 2018 | Company News

    Doctor’s Park & EnergyLink Team Up

    13 April 2018 – After meeting with EnergyLink to determine total cost and benefits of going green, Doctors Park has decided to move forward with the project. The project officially began construction during the week of March 26th, 2018 and has an expected completion date of July 12th 2018. During the 16 week project the complex will be implementing a number of environmentally efficient upgrades, including: Solar

    John Riddick, managing member of Broadway Professional Park (formerly Drs. Park), located at 201 West Broadway, announced today that Broadway Professional Park has teamed with EnergyLink to create the first net-zero commercial buildings in Columbia, MO.

    There are a total of 126 kW worth of solar panels being installed that, combined with energy storage batteries, will allow two buildings to claim net-zero status, which means they will generate as many kilowatt hours (kWh) as they consume over the course of the year.

    The project officially began construction during the week of March 26, 2018 and has an expected completion date of July 12, 2018.  During the 16 week project, other environmentally efficient upgrades will be implemented, including: solar carports, LED lighting retrofitting, HVAC controls and on-site energy storage.  The batteries will allow one of the buildings to maintain power if the city power goes down, as well as help smooth out peak usage.

    Riddick said he is committed to reducing the Park’s reliance on fossil fuels.  He teamed with EngeryLink due to their extensive knowledge of solar power and professional approach to the project.  Riddick is also the principal shareholder and CEO of ASIFlex which is a tenant of Broadway Professional Park.  He feels that in addition to the environmentally friendly aspects of this project, his customers will appreciate the fact that ASIFlex will be net-zero.

    This project was partially funded using CW&L rebates and federal tax credits, yielding significant rebate amounts on solar, lighting and a custom rebate designated for high efficiency structures.  Because of the rebates and credits, Broadway Professional Park will enjoy a significantly reduced out-of-pocket expense for the project.

    Riddick said the upgrades are expected to save $24,205.00 in the first year and over $130,000.00 in the first five years.  EnergyLink is a local ESCO (Energy Service Company) that has been working to save money and energy for businesses by helping them with a variety of sustainable efforts.


    Solar renderings

      Doctor's Park Solar Rendering

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