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EnergyLink Installs First PURPA Interconnected Solar System on Boone Electric

Faber & Brand Solar Install

Local business, Faber & Brand, reaps benefits of split rooftop and carport solar array

AUGUST 2018 – Columbia, MO – Faber & Brand, a local collections business in Columbia, MO, was interested in installing solar, but their plans were halted by the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC). However, in an effort to help Faber & Brand get their project done, EnergyLink worked with them, as well as several other parties, to get the first interconnected solar system installed for a Boone Electric Cooperative customer under the PURPA law.

Faber & Brand’s Stuart Mullen wanted EnergyLink to install a solar system larger than 100 kW on their property, but that kW amount violated the Missouri PSC’s net metering laws. To get past this issue, EnergyLink’s team worked directly with the Missouri PSC and Boone County to strike an Interconnection Agreement.

“We had to go through a lot of uncharted waters here with this Interconnection Agreement,” said EnergyLink’s CEO, Chris Ihler. “But we did so because we were committed to Faber & Brand’s cause of supporting the environment and their community.”

The system EnergyLink installed, which combined a partial rooftop solar array and a solar carport, was able to generate 175 kW of power for Faber & Brand, significantly decreasing their reliance and stress on Columbia’s electric grid.

Faber & Brand also contracted EnergyLink to install LED lights, new, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and HVAC controls to further their sustainable efforts.



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