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EnergyLink Partners with Faber and Brand

Columbia, MO

A few months ago, Faber and Brand contacted EnergyLink with the interest of adding a solar array to their facility. Their main goal was reducing high utility costs while cutting back on energy consumption, but also had a need for the accelerated tax benefits that accompany solar assets.

Once a goal was established, EnergyLink conducted an ASHRAE Level 2 comprehensive commercial energy audit which revealed a huge potential for Faber and Brand to reduce their utility expenses. Our on-site au dit found room for improvement, not only with an opportunity for a properly sized solar array, but also by installing new LED lights, an zoned HVAC systems, and a demand management software program to automate their facility’s HVAC system use at certain times during the day.

A master plan

EnergyLink’s expert engineers created a plan which would allow for the seamless integration of each of the above improvements without disrupting Faber and Brand’s workflow or their wallet. We decided on the installation of a 98.7 kW rooftop solar array and a 75.6 kW solar parking structure coupled with an LED lighting retrofit, which replaced their old fluorescent bulbs,  updated HVAC controls, and a dedicated split HVAC system for their server room.

In addition, the new solar parking structure will feature LED lighting underneath, replacing high wattage pole lighting, and regularly spaced outlet ports in preparation for electric vehicle charging stations.

Attention to detail

The little details were not spared in this project, as EnergyLink also decided to tint Faber and Brand’s main skylights, reducing glare and radiant heat that enters the building, improving overall comfort while saving energy.

“We are excited to see local businesses beginning to take initiative on their energy use,” said EnergyLink’s CEO, Chris Ihler. “Faber and Brand reached out to us, and was open to any solution that would help them achieve their goals.”

This project is expected to begin this month (September 2017).

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