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EnergyLink Partners with Lyon Crest to Add Solar

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Twenty Separate, Interconnected Solar (PV) Panel Systems Were Installed on Their Property

Columbia, MO – Lyon Crest Properties wanted to provide their tenants solar power to lower their electricity costs and have a sustainable impact on their community, while still ensuring a pleasant experience for their residents, so they reached out to EnergyLink as their complex was under construction.

EnergyLink started by conducting a comprehensive commercial energy audit, which evaluated all aspects of their buildings’ energy usage (insulation, windows, lights, mechanical equipment, etc.); fortunately, everything appeared to be in excellent condition, as the property was built in 2016. With this in mind, we determined now would be an appropriate time to implement solar.

The Project

Our engineers modeled a design to install one large solar array on the roof with twenty separate interconnections to each unit. In total, the array is 53 kW, split up evenly among their apartments.

The project allowed Lyon Crest Apartments the opportunity to generate on-site power and significantly reduce electricity costs for their tenants each month, which, for a complex that primarily houses local college students, is a great value add. Here are the total projected savings:

Calculated savings:
1st Year Projections: $9,619
5 Year Total Projection: $51,562
10 Year Total Projection: $115,189

The sustainable component of this investment was also a major plus for Lyon Crest Properties. Through this project, they were able to offset 112,436 pounds of CO2. To put this into perspective, that is equivalent to burning 54,422 pounds of coal.

“We are very excited to be working with Lyon Crest Apartments,” claimed Chris Ihler, EnergyLink’s CEO. “Being a part of a college town, it is great to get our students (the tenants) involved in the community with a project like this. We are looking forward to having this project completely interconnected and ready before students return for the fall semester.”

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