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EnergyLink’s Commitment to Our Clients

EnergyLink's Commitment to Our Clients

We know that this is a hard time for many companies. There is uncertainty in the market and the economy is slowly taking a downturn. We understand that our customers are dealing with the anxiety of the unknown. To help alleviate any stress, we wanted to take the time to remind our clients of our commitment. 

EnergyLink’s Commitment to Our Customers and the Community 

We are still working to provide our clients with the highest quality service and we are committed to supplying companies with innovative energy solutions to cut operating costs. EnergyLink understands that this is a time where many industries are at a mild to severe risk because of the necessary precautions taken to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus disease. We want our clients to rest assured, and to know that we are making proactive changes to help serve our clients and our community better amid today’s challenging circumstances. 

Steps EnergyLink has Taken to Serve Our Clients Better 

1. Increase Our Supply Chain

During a pandemic, it’s not a surprise that the supply chain will be affected. According to the Harvard Business Review, the most vulnerable companies during this time are companies that rely heavily on factories in China for parts and materials. 

We want our customers to feel at ease knowing that although we do rely on suppliers in China, we have four other countries in our supply chain as well. Also, EnergyLink anticipated supplies going dry in some areas and therefore we took time at the beginning of the year to diversify our suppliers and double the number of suppliers we now rely on. We did this early on to guarantee that we would have enough time to hand-pick our additional supplies and ensure that our customers were receiving products of the highest caliber. 

2. Increase Customer’s Education on Payment Options

We know that companies will be taking a hit now and in the upcoming months. Because of this, we want to increase messaging on education that explains how an energy project can be your company’s solution in a time of financial hardships and how it is possible to receive funding from outside resources. 

You may be thinking that a renewable energy project is the last thing that your company needs. But, EnergyLink provides every customer with a free energy audit where we come in and analyze your entire facility from top to bottom to understand how it works. After auditing your site and reviewing your utility bill history, we help educate clients where they can save. Then, we create a custom proposal filled with a mix of energy products that would work especially well for your building. All recommendations are made with the intention of delivering the best economic results at financial terms that work for you.

In addition to solutions, we are committed to helping companies find resources to pay for these projects. With options such as the USDA Rural Development Office that offers grants up to 25% of total project costs and loans of up to 75% of total project costs — upgrading energy systems can be attainable. For more information on how to fund a project, contact us or view our website

3. Increase Our Safety Measures 

Lastly, we want our current and future customers to know that we are prioritizing their health and the health of the community at this time. We are staying up to date on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and following all guidelines that are addressed. At this time, our construction projects are all continuing as planned, but we are enforcing that there are less than ten people at each worksite and that each employee is practicing social distancing at the site. We are also minimizing unnecessary travel as a company and enforcing frequent handwashing at all of our worksites. 

For More Information 

For further information on our work or our response to the coronavirus disease, please contact us. We hope you all are staying safe during this time. 

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