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Filling The Energy Market Gap


For most organizations, the benefits of energy efficiency are clear; however, getting access to the right consultation and recommendations to start an energy project isn’t always easy. There is a gap in the energy market; facilities are either too small to interest large energy service companies, or too large and complex for small energy-efficiency businesses; this makes it difficult to determine which improvements are best for your particular business.

The EnergyLink Difference

However, EnergyLink has made an effort to fill this gap. Specifically, we do this by providing economical solutions to commercial, industrial, and non-profit organizations based on their facility’s needs. This is in stark contrast to what other energy service companies do; typically, they will try to force particular products onto an organization.

EnergyLink acts an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that partners with your organization, regardless of the project size, to engineer, procure, and construct energy improvements that will boost efficiency and increase savings. We design custom solutions for each of our customers to maximize utility savings, rebates, tax benefits, and more.

Cut Your Company’s Energy Costs

If your business has recently accrued high utility bills, give EnergyLink a call. Our engineers will provide a free utility billing analysis and energy audit to expose key areas where your organization can experience big savings.

Once we reach an agreement and enter into construction contracts with your company, we will provide a full range of project management services and carry out the remainder of our EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services; this streamlines the entire project cycle and makes implementing new energy solutions simple and easy.

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