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Growth of PACE Financing


PACE Financing and its steady growth

PACE (Property-assessed clean energy) financing has been in business for nine years.

This financing system allows businesses and homeowners to install energy efficient and renewable energy projects such as solar with no money down.

PACE will cover 100% of the project costs and adds an annual assessment to your property taxes.

It has taken some time for PACE to grow and expand due to tax assessments happening locally. This causes PACE financiers to spend a lot of time on policy formation at the city and state level to make business feasible.

With time PACE was able to reach a billion-dollar payoff. PACE has funded more than $1 billion in energy efficient and renewable energy projects.

Why PACE has been so successful

The success of PACE shows that energy efficiency and renewable energy has become popular nationwide because of economic and sustainable benefits.

Now is the best time to take advantage of PACE financing for energy management solutions.

EnergyLink can help you make an investment that will bring you immediate cash flows with a quick payback. Aside from monetary benefits, building owners can increase comfort and the value of their property.

Learn how you can maximize savings with energy efficiency and boost operations all while contributing to sustainability with EnergyLink.

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