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Lower Pollution Results in Higher Revenue for US Companies

US Businesses have started prioritizing carbon emission reduction, and new data shows that sustainability efforts are now becoming a top priority for them. For example, a recent survey by Schneider Electric found that out of 240 businesses who had over $100 million in revenue; 85% said they planned to reduce their carbon emissions in the next few years. This sudden shift isn’t caused by a change of heart—it’s a good financial decision.

This has been brought on by significant decreases in the cost of renewable energy technologies over the past few years, and the benefits that businesses are experiencing by adopting these technologies are significant.

Ken Silverstein, a contributor for Forbes, contends that, while businesses are adopting renewable technologies at an exponential rate, they’re missing out on the key component: energy savings.

By not fully coordinating their renewable systems with their current systems, businesses are missing out on substantial savings. EnergyLink helps its clients realize the benefits of efficiency upgrades, increasing profitability, helping the planet, and improving the bottom line.


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