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MISO’s Renewable Energy Standards & Portfolio


Here at EnergyLink, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint in the Midwest.

By increasing our amounts of renewable energy, we can help businesses contribute to a more sustainable environment.

MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), exists to provide an independent platform for efficient regional energy markets. Since 2001, they have fostered wholesale electric competition in the region, creates greater system reliability and establishes coordinated, value-based regional planning.

In working towards the standards that MISO established, we can ensure that we make strides to mirror their portfolio.

Renewable Portfolio Standards

As more states have enacted Renewable Portfolio Standards, significant increases in wind-based generation construction are expected.

They have predicted that in Missouri alone, it should increase by 15% come 2021.

At the heart and soul of MISO is a commitment to drive value creation through reliability and market operations as well as value-added regional planning and innovation.

Using this blueprint, they continuously challenge themselves to create greater efficiencies in managing the interconnected transmission network, ultimately benefiting all consumers of energy.

Strategic Plan & Value Added

MISO remains focused on continually finding ways to provide the least-cost delivered energy for all customers through the following strategic elements:

  • Facilitate integrated infrastructure investment
  • Continue to deliver and communicate benefits identified in MISO’s Value Proposition
  • Sustain and grow the membership
  • Enhance products and performance
  • Achieve high performance through people, process and technology
  • Expand our role as an independent public policy educator

They deliver value by finding better way to facilitate demand response, reduce energy costs, fine-tune market mechanisms to further market liquidity, or encourage renewable energy use.

Their wide range of services include:

  • Market operations, including the day-ahead, real-time and operating reserve energy markets as well as financial transmission right markets
  • Tariff administration
  • Open access coordination
  • Management of transmission constraints
  • Management of the physical transmission system for reliability and operational security
  • Maintenance of the open access same-time information system (OASIS) node
  • Management of markets, including billing and collections
  • Regional planning

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