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Missouri Power-Purchase Agreement Gets Backing


Large corporations have begun to back Missouri’s bill which would allow them to buy their power directly from a renewable energy grantor.

Large companies, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and General Motors, have begun adopting power-purchase agreements due to their demand for renewable energy. Now, after the bill’s conception several years ago, these companies have started to back this bill in Missouri.

Unfortunately, previous power-purchase agreements have yet to pick up any steam in Missouri. Now that the bill is being backed by some of the country’s largest corporations, it is getting more and more likely that legislation will soon adopt a renewable energy solution.

Increasing popularity in renewable energy

With renewable energy becoming a higher priority for global corporations and local small businesses, they aim to make agreements, like the power-purchasing agreement, more accessible for their stores, warehouses, or offices nationwide. Most companies are interested in switching to clean, renewable energy, but expensive up-front costs are holding many companies back.

More than half of the country’s states allow energy purchasing from someone other than their local utility provider. Getting this bill passed would allow for more renewable energy options and make it give commercial buildings, both large and small, all the more reason to develop a sustainability plan.

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