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Ribbon Cut for New, Solar-Powered Coegi-RADaR Analytics Headquarters

Ribbon Cut for New, Solar-Powered Coegi-RADaR Analytics Headquarters

Columbia, MO – October 15, 2019 – Yesterday, the ribbon was officially cut on a new headquarters for Coegi and RADaR Analytics, two partners of True Media, a local digital marketing company. Most notably, the building was a new construction project which, with EnergyLink’s help, was able to integrate renewable energy to offset its energy usage.

Coegi and RADaR Analytics have both been in the Columbia area for several years, but the need arose for a new headquarters. The owner of this new facility, Jack Miller, had previously worked with EnergyLink on energy projects for True Media’s St. Louis and Columbia locations, so he knew the benefits that come with using renewable energy.

To ensure that this new building would have lower utility bills, higher efficiency, and a much smaller impact on the environment, a 12 kW rooftop solar array was installed on the property, along with three destratification fans. The array will specifically help the building to generate its own power off the grid, while the fans will help to better regulate airflow throughout the property.

The combination of these elements will save $2,250 on energy bills to run the facility in its first year of operation. The project was also further incentivized through the utilization of Columbia Water & Light rebates.

Integrating renewable energy products into new construction projects requires a fine level of detail and hands-on work with the construction team working on the building throughout the entire process, which was not always easy, but with EnergyLink’s help, the end result is a new, more efficient addition to the Columbia area.

“We were excited to work with Jack again on another great project for the Columbia area,” said Chris Ihler, EnergyLink’s CEO. “Coegi and RADaR Analytics now have an excellent new headquarters to grow and thrive in, and we’re proud to have been a part of that.”


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