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6 Benefits of LEED Certification

benefits of leed certification

LEED Certification is a third-party green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and certification means that your construction or renovation project reduces or eliminates negative environmental impacts and/or creates positive ones. The six main benefits of LEED certification will improve your building and company’s financial, environmental and health factors. These benefits are outlined below.

Learn how to get your building LEED certified

Benefits of LEED Certification

LEED certification offers financial, environmental and health benefits such as tax incentives, attracting tenants, saving money on operational costs, reducing energy use & carbon emissions and achieving ESG objectives. These six benefits are outlined below.

1. Tax incentives

One of the financial benefits of LEED certification are the tax incentives that certified buildings are eligible for. States like Maryland, New Mexico, New York and Virginia have LEED incentive programs in place to reward buildings and communities making efforts to be green in their states. To see what sustainable incentives are available in your state, head to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE).

With President Biden’s stated commitment to encouraging green technology adoption and implementation, new tax incentives are in the works for commercial buildings and construction. Read this article to find out more about pending tax incentives for energy-efficient buildings.

2. Save money on operational costs

LEED certified buildings operate cost-effectively. According to the USGBC’s website, LEED certified buildings reported $1.2 billion in energy savings, $715.3 million in maintenance savings, $149.5 million in water savings, and $54.2 million in waste savings from 2015 to 2018.

3. Attract tenants

Another one of the financial benefits of LEED certification is its ability to attract tenants. The USGBC reports that vacancy rates for green buildings are 4 percent lower than non-green properties. LEED certified buildings also have the highest rents and lease-up rates up to 20 percent above average. Those who work, live or visit a green-building may also do so because of its demonstrated commitment to sustainability. This may explain why higher recruitment and retention rates along with increased employee productivity is reported within LEED certified buildings.

4. Improve indoor air quality

Creating a healthy space where those who work, live or visit your building can thrive is an important objective of LEED certification. One of the health benefits of LEED certification is improved indoor air quality. LEED certified buildings offer cleaner air, daylight access and are free of harmful chemicals that can be found in paintings and finishings. Improved indoor air quality can be particularly beneficial to those who frequent your building and suffer from asthma, respiratory allergies, depression and stress.

5. Reduce energy use & carbon emissions

Environmental benefits of LEED certification include 25 percent less energy consumed and 34 percent lower CO2 emissions. LEED certification helps the environment by saving energy, water, coal and diverting waste. LEED certified buildings also help reduce pollution and outdoor air quality by reducing smog in major industrialized communities. If your building is LEED certified, you will have lowered your carbon footprint as well.

6. Achieve ESG objectives

LEED helps investors achieve ESG goals and objectives with its green building framework that measures and manages building and project performance. Achieving ESG objectives is important for aiding in environmental efforts and attracting investors.

Interested in becoming LEED certified?

If you are interested in LEED certification, head to U.S. Green Building Council’s website to get started and reap the financial, environmental and heath benefits of LEED certification has to offer. LEED certification cannot be accomplished without the right partner. If your building is in need of renewable & energy efficiency projects EnergyLink’s team of experts will guide you through the design, build and funding stages of your project. Our team will focus on creating the unique solutions your building needs to achieve LEED certification and better building sustainability.

Click the link below to get started on a full building analysis that will pinpoint areas for green improvement. If you would like to speak directly with a team member call (866) 218-0380.

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