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Chairman of SPower, Jeff Tannenbaum Talks Pace Financing


Jeff Tannenbaum, Chairman of SPower, discusses renewable energy and PACE Financing with NASDAQ.

PACE financing is beginning to capture the eyes of Wall Street. The program funds 100% of businesses energy improvement projects such as rooftop solar, lighting retrofits, mechanical system improvements, window or roofing replacements, water efficiencies, and more.

PACE financing program adds an additional assessment to your annual property taxes. One of the only stipulations of the program is the annual energy savings must be greater than your annual assessment. Most projects however are in the black each year putting $1,000s back into their businesses. In addition, any tax benefits are retained by the organization. Saving $1,000s with zero out of pocket costs is a no-brainer for business owners.

If your business is interested in making energy improvements, but is restricted by tight budgets, give EnergyLink a call to discuss your options with PACE financing.

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