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Take Your Building To The Next Level

While having solar installed for your building is important, there’s even more than you can do in order to take the building to the next level.

You can install a building automated system (BAS), which integrates the different systems in your building like HVAC, lighting, vertical transportation, safety and security in order to provide coordinated control of the building’s functions.

These systems can control building temperatures to maximize energy savings and provide optimum safety and comfort for workers or residents inside.

EnergyLink synchronizes current building control systems with a rooftop solar array to maximize savings and reduce reliance on utilities during peak energy consumption times.

Integrated Building Automation Systems

In new construction, automation can be used to account for every aspect of system control design.

Buildings can be designed to take advantage of natural energy like sunlight while creating minimal impact on the the environment.

Other aspects of automated design include incorporating safety features to protect occupants from natural disasters and fire.

An IBAS can save companies thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars each year in energy costs while increasing production through efficient design.

Installation in Existing Buildings

A BAS can be installed in an existing building to improve energy efficiency, worker productivity, and comfort.

While the systems once had a life expectancy of about 10 years, newer systems are designed with open protocols so software can be updated and components can be repaired or replaced.

Since each systems has to be individually designed, the only way to determine the cost would be contacting us for an estimate.

Because a BAS is designed to fit the individual design and use of a building, it can improve the energy efficiency, productivity, and bottom line of any business.

From banking to manufacturing, these systems can instantly pinpoint, and often correct, any problems in the building’s major operating systems.

A BAS is like the brain of a building, controlling and regulating all the disparate systems so they work together seamlessly without the need for constant human intervention.

These systems pay for themselves and save money for your business right away.
With increasing pressure to minimize environmental impact, cut energy use and increase production, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to BAS for solutions.

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