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The Future of Energy Efficiency and Demand

While we expect the way in which the grid operates to change, the value of the grid network will only actually increase.

Although energy efficiency and demand reduction actions are taking place, our demand and consumption numbers are actually growing from a utility perspective.

Distributed networks and smart meters, from utilities, allow for us to help understand how energy is being used and distributed.

EnergyLink performs this on a micro-scale for businesses and begins the process by understanding the customer’s individual needs based on real-time electrical usage. We can customize the algorithm to fit the needs, whether that is comfort, maximized savings, maximizing offset of energy, etc.

What’s In Store?

The grid is a network that consumers have already invested billions of dollars into. It is also a network of networks that can be utilized in different ways.

There’s the physical network of poles and cables; the communications network, including AMI infrastructure; and the social platform where the utility interacts with every single customer in its service territory.

These platforms can be leveraged to produce new services for other customers and for the utility itself.

EnergyLink continuously works to ensure that we are prepared to serve changing customer needs and confront the technical challenges of operating an increasingly sophisticated grid system.

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