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Traditional Pricing for Commercial Energy Audits

Energy Services for Commercial Businesses

Commercial Energy Audits Columbia, MO

Energy audits are performed for commercial building owners for a variety of reasons, but mainly focus around the thought of being able to reduce operation expenses.

A building’s energy audit will determine which types of practices are the best for building energy efficiency within the property.

Not only will it give you the opportunity to take advantage of that, it will surely increase the value of your building overall.

Many will assume that the cost to have these services performed is far too high, but we are so confident in the benefits that our audit provides, we perform Free Consultations in order to show you just how much we can save you.

Cost of Level 3 Commercial Energy Audit

EnergyLink provides ASHRAE Level-3 commercial energy audits to its clients, which is the most in-depth and expensive one out there, either free of charge or for a very minimal cost.

Typically, for such services you will find that prices tend to range from $0.20 – $0.55 per square foot of the building. For some of the larger buildings that we have been auditing, it can put the cost up around $5,500.

The costs shouldn’t generally exceed more than 10% of the building’s annual utility expenses.

Level-3 audits are categorized by focusing on a “whole-building computer simulation,” where some type of computer program is used to very accurately model how a brick-and-mortar building would react to changes in the energy system.

It will also involve a much more detailed collection of information over a period of weeks or even months compared to Level-2.

This information is used to calibrate the computer model so that the computer design responds to inputs and changes the same way the actual building might be expected to respond.

The calibration is checked and validated by simulating a year or more of historical climate conditions to determine if energy and power usage within the model mirrors actual energy and power usage in the building.

How much money can I save by getting an energy audit?

Some facilities will benefit for savings upwards of 40% due to performing an energy audit on their commercial property.

If the facility has been in operation for many years without ever performing an energy audit, it’s very possible that you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

A good, professionally performed energy audit will point the way to reduce your energy costs by anywhere from 10% to 40%.

Especially for larger organizations, this can be substantial, and even be the difference between the building staying afloat or going under.

By contacting us for our energy audit consultation, we can provide you with the information needed to determine which best suit you and your facility.

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