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Using the Automation Rebate to Adopt Energy Management Systems


Utilities want us to start using our energy smarter, and several offer enticing rebates that will allow us to do so.

Your controls system can already do so much, and adding an algorithm to automate the building’s operations is just one of the functions.

These utility companies will grant you rebates to complete the installation of an automation system.

Energy Management Systems

These rebates for automated energy management systems have been implemented in order to help offset the cost of installing one in your building.

By automating energy intensive functions, you can power equipment only when you need it. This increases efficiency and lowers energy bills year after year.

Rebates will help offset the costs of installing a new Energy Management System (EMS) or increase capabilities of an existing system by adding control points.

Benefits & Eligibility

An EMS has benefits that allow you to:

  • Integrate equipment monitoring and control
  • Centralize building system operations
  • Enhance tenant comfort, increase customer satisfaction and reduce nuisance calls
  • Cut energy and reduce operating expenses

To qualify for the EMS program, you must:

  • Be a business electricity and/or natural gas customer  
  • Receive pre-approval prior to purchase and installation of your equipment
  • Purchase new equipment (used equipment does not qualify)
  • Retrofit the EMS in an existing building (new construction projects may be eligible through their Business New Construction Programs)

Potential projects include central controls for:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • CO2 sensors and outside air management
  • Pumps
  • Boilers

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