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Victoria La Rose named Head of Engineering for EnergyLink, Strengthening Future Services

Victoria La Rose promoted to Head of Engineering at EnergyLink

Victoria La Rose named Head of Engineering for EnergyLink, Strengthening Future Services 

(Columbia, Mo., December 29, 2022) – EnergyLink recently promoted Victoria La Rose to Head of Engineering, igniting the development of the new department. La Rose previously worked as the Measurement and Verification (M&V) Manager within the broader Operations department, which handled design and construction. This promotion further strengthens EnergyLink’s service offerings, as more focus is placed on engineering, design and post-installation services.

In her position as M&V Manager, La Rose was instrumental in transforming the department’s framework of M&V practices to closely follow the industry-accepted International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocols (IPMPV). These actions provided stronger universal reporting for EnergyLink-installed systems and crucial data which served as the foundation for future project installations. 

As Head of Engineering, La Rose is responsible for coordinating the workflow and efforts of the engineering team, both internally and externally. La Rose collaborates with the team of engineers in the department to work more efficiently as a unit and provide a more enhanced service to the broader organization. 

“As it exists today, EnergyLink’s engineering capabilities stem from a group of talented engineers who work autonomously and whose diverse skill sets are called upon at various stages of every project. While this mode of operation has served EnergyLink well so far, we anticipate a greater need for a more unified engineering department in the near future, ” La Rose remarked. “We believe that, by simply improving communication and collaboration, we can unlock a lot of potential in our existing engineers.”

Further, La Rose oversees both M&V and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services. Both services offer crucial insights into the efficiency and longevity of energy projects. For M&V services, La Rose focuses on post-installation verification activities following the industry-accepted IPMVP. La Rose also leads departments on O&M services, including corrective maintenance services and equipment repairs.

La Rose notes her appreciation for the redevelopment of the department to improve system performance, and she is excited to work and collaborate with a team of talented engineers. “I am looking forward to coming together as a team,” La Rose said. 

As EnergyLink continues to grow, one goal of the company is to establish a strong engineering foundation and build upon that foundation in anticipation of future needs. La Rose’s promotion to Head of Engineering is a step towards reaching that goal, furthered by her keen leadership and knowledge of the field. 

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“I am deeply honored to have been appointed and trusted as head of engineering to facilitate this process and to coordinate our engineering team’s efforts,” LaRose said. “I view this opportunity as one that will provide me with tremendous professional growth and learning experience.”


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