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Who Performs a Commercial Energy Audit?

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While you may think that it’s easy to determine who exactly can perform a commercial energy audit, it unfortunately isn’t.

Any contractor providing energy-related services for the most part, along with engineers and regular commercial energy contractors are allowed to perform building energy audits.

However, there are various energy management qualifications that are recognized organizations such as ASHRAE and LEED certifications.

It isn’t a necessary requirement to have any of them unless they are providing a certification to the building or project for certain rebates or tax deductions as required by the IRS.

Importance of using a good auditor

Commercial energy auditing is just like any other industry, where not all companies are the same and some provide better services than others.

Not all energy auditors produce the same quality work or have the same degree of proficiency, which makes it a very important decision when choosing who to perform these services.

Unfortunately, commercial energy audit customers could have a difficult time determining a qualified energy auditor compared to novices.

Energy auditing is a unique profession and should never be taken lightly. Not every auditor will produce sufficient results and could end up being very detrimental.

Quality of energy audit report

The quality of your energy audit report is very important. A poorly done audit can result in these issues for you:

  • Wasting thousands of dollars installing the wrong energy conservation measures. Most facilities have a limited budget for energy efficiency. It is best to use that budget on the best energy conservation measures. Poorly done audits can often miss these.
  • Wasting thousands of dollars installing energy conservation measures that won’t save money, or that will save much less than the audit would leave you to believe
  • Wasting thousands of dollars in wasted energy from not knowing about no-cost/low-cost measures that could have saved you money. These measures often are related to HVAC control, and inexperienced auditors often miss these.

Deciding who should perform your commercial energy audit is an important decision. To learn about what EnergyLink can do for you, please give us a call at 573-777-4811

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