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Why Solar is Right for your Business

solar panels on industrial building

For years, residential owners have seen the benefit that solar can provide their homes and eventually make the switch to provide energy savings, increase the value of their property, and to help out the environment.

Solar technology is quickly gaining favor among small business owners as well in the United States.

To date, both large and small business owners have discovered the benefits that solar energy offers to the property.

If you are considering making the switch and haven’t decided to add solar panels to your commercial building, take a look at some of the most influential reasons for going solar.


Saving Money

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to increase productivity and effectiveness while saving money doing so.

One of the main reasons peace switch to solar, regardless of it being for home or business, is the staggering potential for cost savings.

When running a business, your monthly electricity bill can get out of control quickly, especially when it’s hot out and you have customers and employees that you must keep cool.

Installing PV panels at your facility will immediately drop your company’s overhead and operating costs which is always important.

Depending on how big your business is, and how much you typically spend on electricity, you can expect to save thousands of dollars per year when you make the switch to solar.

If the upfront cost of solar technology has you feeling nervous, don’t forget that you have a variety of tax credit and government rebates available to you.

This can provide you with recovering a significant portion of your investment quickly while creating an immediate surplus cash flow.


Energy Independence

Installing an alternative energy system makes your business significantly less vulnerable to the unpredictable and often-unstable municipal power grid.

In the event of a natural disaster or extended outage, the right type of photovoltaic system will allow your business to go on operating, or at least maintain critical systems and equipment.

You’ll enjoy having peace of mind, knowing that your company’s lights, security and backup systems are working, no matter what.


Environmental Friendly Business

While saving money and establishing energy independence are two important benefits to installing PV panels at your commercial facility, they aren’t the only ones.

Adopting alternative power is also a great marketing move for you.

More often today than ever before, people do their best to support business that “go green” or demonstrate their commitment to sustainable technology.

You may even earn some free PR coverage when you send out a press release, mention your commitment to solar in your marketing materials or just by making a post on social media.

If you think about it, that basically equates to getting free publicity for saving money, which should appeal to any business

Not bad, huh? There are many perks to solar, but this a favorite of ours!


Smart Investment

PV panels are a safe bet today if you are looking for a way to invest further in your business.

You will begin to save money immediately and earn back the initial investment within a few years all while creating a surplus cash flow for your company.

Adding solar panels to your roof will also improve the building’s value and sustainability. If you personally own it, this will play a huge factor as the property will be worth more.

The benefits of adopting solar technology continue to grow, especially when it comes to the commercial side.


To learn more about what solar can add to your business, give us a call at 573-777-4811 to speak with one of our certified energy consultants!

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