Energy Efficiency Rebates

Learn more about the rebate programs offered in your area from your state or local utility provider

  • Missouri Solar
  • KCP&L Rebates
  • Xcel Energy Rebates
  • Ameren Rebates
  • Project Funding
  • Solar ITC
  • Make your energy project more affordable with energy rebates

    Local utility providers offer cash rebates which subsidize costs for:  building automation systems, lighting retrofits, HVAC upgrades, solar panels, energy-efficient water heaters, and more. Rebates can help reduce system costs by 10-20%.

    Rebates make energy projects much more affordable up front. EnergyLink’s team will work with your organization’s utility provider to facilitate applying for and receiving all renewable energy and energy efficiency rebates. Currently, EnergyLink is experienced in working with the following utility providers:  Columbia Water & Light, Boone Electric Cooperative, Xcel Energy, Louisville Gas & Electric, and several more.

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