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Select EnergyLink as your EPC to guarantee your energy redevelopment project is designed the way you want it and produces strong economic results

Superior commercial EPC services

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to provide customized turnkey energy solutions, while maintaining time constraints and budget. Consistently focusing on new product innovations enables our team to deliver the most effective energy solutions to our customers. Our goal is to find appropriate energy solutions that will maximize utility savings and have a lasting impact on the environment.


Our certified engineers conduct comprehensive energy audits and design energy models to ensure our calculations accuracy.


Once our team has agreed on necessary energy solutions, our project management staff begins purchasing equipment for the development.


Finally, as equipment arrives, we provide construction services that integrate the systems into the facility.

Why you should choose an EPC firm

EPC firms handle all aspects of a complicated energy redevelopment project for you without forcing you to interface with the countless potential numbers of intermediaries whom you would need to contact if you were to try to start and manage an energy project for your company on your own.

Why EnergyLink should be your EPC of choice for your energy redevelopment project

EnergyLink takes a finance-first approach, managing all aspects of the project from engineering to supply chain to construction with the goal of keeping project costs as lean as possible while still getting the best possible economic results from the project.

Responsible sourcing

Procuring the best products from trusted brands making their solutions ethically.

Efficient tech

Sourcing only ENERGY STAR certified products and appliances for all installations.

Financial analysis

Engineered solutions and supply chains are managed for the best economic results.

Get your energy project done right from start to finish

Our offering of EPC services means you only have to work with us to get your project done. Start your project with confidence.

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