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Free Energy Audit

Have our team assess your current energy systems and find ways you could improve at no cost to you

Understand your current energy systems with an EnergyLink audit

EnergyLink’s certified engineers will assess your facility, looking for areas to improve operations and lower energy costs. Once that’s complete, a full building analysis will be conducted to explain areas of weakness in your facility’s energy use and ways to improve.

Energy audit steps

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Schedule your audit

Coordinate the best time for an EnergyLink representative to do a walkthrough of your facility with one of your available staff.

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Submit your past utility bills

Before an audit, we analyze all past utility bills so we can get a good picture of your energy consumption prior to the audit.

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Audit conducted

Our team will check these areas: thermal boundaries, lights, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.

Then, we will present your team with a project proposal designed to achieve the following benefits

Lower energy demand

All designs presented are specifically suggested to lower your energy demand, which is the largest part of your energy bill.

Increased efficiency

Improvements such as LED lights can improve operational efficiency from the first day of installation.

Fair funding

EnergyLink's financial team projects financial models to prove project viability and present the best funding options.

Start the process of saving on energy bills with a free energy audit

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