Get A Full Building Analysis To Assess Your Current Energy Systems

Full Building Analysis

Have us analyze your facility from top to bottom, pinpointing areas for improvement

Learn how to improve your building's efficiency while lowering energy costs

After an initial energy audit, the EnergyLink team will go over your building’s historical data, assess the adequacy and efficiency of current energy systems, and develop custom engineered designs for energy solutions meant to lower utility costs and increase efficiency. The plan highlights key areas for improvement in energy management and suggests the best possible solutions based on the latest energy technology.

Steps in the process

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Utility bill history review

By viewing past utility bills, our engineers are able to assess heating and cooling usage, lighting usage, utility rate structures, and more.

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Energy audit conducted

An EnergyLink representative will do a full walkthrough of your facility to properly assess the state of your current energy systems.

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Proposal packet

After a thorough review of all data, our team will create a packet, describing potential energy solutions and their economic benefits.

An economics-first approach

All energy solutions are specifically suggested in our proposals to dramatically improve your energy consumption while at the same time having a fast payback and maximized energy savings.

Prospect Packet Design

We specifically target improvements which will lower your energy demand to drive the best possible economic results

Energy Billed at Peak - Demand Charge
New Billing Peak After Installing EnergyLink Products

See how your company could improve its energy use today

Our team will conduct a full building analysis to show you exactly how you can achieve the best results in your energy use.

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