New Commercial Construction Services

Get the highest performance from energy systems in your new construction project with help from EnergyLink

Are you working with an architect or in the process of constructing a new facility or addition?

EnergyLink can seamlessly work with your architectural firm to integrate economically viable renewable energy and energy efficiency systems with the design for your new building. We have experience working with architectural firms and know how to navigate the building design process to benefit your organization and its bottom line.

New commercial construction services we offer

Option analysis for energy systems

Our team will work with your architect to find the latest renewable and energy efficiency product options optimized to get the best performance from your new facility in terms of efficiency and energy savings generated.

Net-zero energy building design

A lot goes into designing a net-zero building. Our engineers will ensure all requirements to reach net zero energy use status are met in the construction process if that is your goal.

Securing third-party project funding

Most companies won't help you secure funding for your new project. Our team can facilitate a variety of funding options to increase your property's cash flows and valuation.

Certifications that prove the value of our work

Solutions we'll work with your architect to implement

  • Insulation Icon Adding high quality insulation to keep outdoor air out
  • Air Compressor Icon Ensuring proper air sealing to prevent air from leaking out of the building
  • HVAC Systems Icon Installing efficient heating and cooling with the latest HVAC technology
  • LED Lights Icon Installing LED lights for optimum efficiency and lighting quality
  • Windows Icon Equipping your building with low-emissivity coated windows which will prevent air leaks and reduce heat transfer from the sun
  • Building Icon Advising for the best ENERGY STAR compliant appliances to install
  • Daylight Harvesting Icon Installing a cool white roof with the proper shading in place to keep costs of running thermal and lighting controls in check
  • Boiler Systems Icon Ensuring that the best water heating systems (boiler systems, CHP, natural gas chillers, etc.) are installed which fit your new building's specific needs
  • HVAC Controls Package Icon Installing an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality
  • Solar Panel Icon Installing solar PV panels and other appropriate renewable energy systems to generate power on-site and reduce energy grid reliance
  • Building Automation Systems Icon Connecting all energy systems to a building automation system to keep the building's energy demand as low as possible

Get the best performance from your new construction project

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