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USDA REAP Grants & Loans

Cover up to 100% of renewable energy project costs for your organization

The financial incentive of USDA grants and loans

The USDA Rural Development Office offers a grant of up to 25% of the total cost of renewable energy projects through its Rural Energy for America (REAP) program. They also offer a loan of up to 75% of total project costs which can be used for eligible renewable energy projects. This is a great financing option for those looking to save money on their energy consumption.

USDA Grants
Project costs covered 25%
USDA Loans
Project costs covered 75%

Terms of USDA grant agreements

For a renewable energy grant, the grant will apply to projects in the $2,500- $500,000 threshold. For energy efficiency grants, the threshold is $1,500-$250,000.

Max dollar value of renewable energy project
Max dollar value of energy efficiency project

Products your company could install

Solar Panel Icon

Solar panels

Solar power is a reliable and predictable renewable energy investment. If your goal is to consume less electricity from the grid or manage power demand spikes, working with an automated facility monitoring and control system guarantees returns.
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HVAC Systems Icon

HVAC systems

When not properly controlled, old or poorly maintained HVAC systems are often the cause of excessive demand spikes and electrical consumption. Demand spikes can be mitigated while still keeping indoor temperatures at a comfortable level.
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LED Lights Icon

LED lights

Lighting typically makes up about 20% of a building’s electrical consumption and sets the baseline power demand. Replacing old fixtures with more efficient LED’s reduces consumption and demand baseline. This is an essential energy management upgrade.
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Eligibility & more information

Are you eligible?

USDA grants and loans are only offered in rural areas. Check to see if your organization can qualify for either opportunity.

Contact local office

USDA grants and loans work differently in different areas. For information on how to contact your local USDA office, visit click below.

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