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Corporate Social Responsibility

Be more sustainable while getting better economic results out of your energy use

What is corporate social responsibility?

By practicing corporate social responsibility, companies, businesses and organizations show accountability and transparency to their stakeholders. They hold themselves responsible for their impacts on the environment, as well as other areas of society, and often provide strategies for improving their operations. These strategies may include a wide range of efforts including reducing carbon emissions, sustainably sourcing production materials or giving back to the local community. 

How EnergyLink helps organizations with CSR

EnergyLink’s mission is to work with organizations to improve efficiency while having a positive impact on the environment. Each project we complete gets us one step closer to achieving that lasting positive impact on the community.

Aside from minimizing economic impact, EnergyLink’s energy management solutions also significantly reduce energy usage. This is achieved by identifying opportunities and implementing solutions ranging from solar (PV) panels, LED lights, high efficiency HVAC systems, and building automation controls. EnergyLink works with you to accomplish your organization’s goals, while enhancing your corporate image and impact on the greater community. 

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