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Decarbonization solutions delivered by a diverse team of experts

At EnergyLink we have built a multifaceted team equipped with experts in engineering, funding, project management, construction, AC electric, O&M, and M&V.

With in-house operations, we are able to offer turnkey energy solutions, designed, built and funded to meet your organizations needs.

Department Leader Contact


Chris Ihler, Chief Executive Officer of EnergyLink Chris Ihler, CEO

Executive Management

Craig Stichter, Project Executive at EnergyLink Craig Stichter, Chief Strategy Officer


Mike Chudy, Executive Sales Manager at EnergyLink Mike Chudy, Chief Revenue Officer

Underwriting & funding

Christian Gander, Lead Analyst at EnergyLink Christian Gander, Lead Analyst

Human Resources

Janine Stichter, Chief People Officer at EnergyLink Janine Stichter, Chief People Officer


Luke Dangelser, Construction Manager for EnergyLink Luke Dangelser, Director of Operations

Marketing & IT

Matthew Frappier, Marketing Manager for EnergyLink Matthew Frappier, Digital Marketing & IT Manager


Chad Morrow, Controller for EnergyLink Chad Morrow, Controller


Andrew Bueler, Administrative Manager at EnergyLink Andrew Bueler, Administrative Manager

RFP Management

Jeremy Nolen, Project Executive at EnergyLink Jeremy Nolen, Project Executive

Project Design & M&V

Victoria La Rose Headshot 3 Victoria La Rose, M&V Manager


Cully Meier, Systems Engineer at EnergyLink Cully Meier, Systems Engineer


Marshall Sheets, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink Marshall Sheets, Recruiting & Training Manager

AC Electric

John Carter, Master Electrician

External partners Lead Contact

Independent Advisor

Nicholaus Rohleder, Independent Director for EnergyLink Nicholaus Rohleder

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