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EnergyLink is an energy company dedicated to helping businesses & non-profits go green & lower utility costs

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  • Founded in 2010 with a vision of being a leading clean tech company, EnergyLink is dedicated to helping companies better themselves with renewable energy

    the energylink difference

    Tailored energy solutions with your facility in mind

    EnergyLink is an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm who installs renewable energy and energy efficiency products for commercial businesses and non-profits. The EnergyLink team also handles funding and financial services to make the energy project process as simple as possible. Instead of dealing with multiple intermediaries, you only have to work with our team, from the start of the project to its conclusion.

    After conducting an energy audit to evaluate your building’s current energy systems, EnergyLink’s team will pinpoint areas for improvement and suggest solutions. Specifically, we evaluate and make suggestions for: thermal boundaries, lights, mechanical systems, and renewable energy.

    Key benefits of EnergyLink’s Process

    • Removes hefty upfront costs typically associated with energy management projects of this nature
    • Creates a better economic outcome at a lower cost
    • Ensures positive cash flows from day one

    All-in-one energy services

    Though we service clients around the United States, we currently have offices in the following cities:

    Columbia, Missouri

    501 Fay St. #106
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 777-4811

    Denver, Colorado

    387 Corona St #633
    Denver, CO 80218
    (720) 597-3861

    Kansas City, Missouri

    238 W 74th St. #108
    Kansas City, MO 64114
    (816) 929-8750

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    4001 S. 700 E. Suite 500
    Salt Lake City, UT, 84107
    (801) 207-1014

    EnergyLink solutions create 20+ years of cashflow. Our clients regularly see 3-4 times their initial investment on non-profit or owner-occupied buildings, enjoying 10%+ IRR and 50%+ ROI

    experts in renewable energy

    The EnergyLink team is comprised of engineers and analysts with a passion for the energy industry. Our goal is to improve access to current energy efficiency services, while preparing for the future by staying on top of industry trends. EnergyLink has partnered with a variety of businesses, including local and regional utilities and state agencies to improve energy efficiency.

    We focus on learning about all aspects of energy use, specializing in commercial and wholesaler solutions. Our unique insight into energy supply is something that others simply don’t have. We understand energy providers billing structure, profit margins and local infrastructure weaknesses. This knowledge allows us to structure customized energy savings solutions based on your local area.

    Adopting energy-efficient practices promotes community-wide benefits

    Energy investments are low-risk, secure, and ultimately profitable. Our typical client recoups their energy investment in 5 years or less. Energy upgrades allow business to qualify for a variety of Government Energy Funds such as tax credits and exemptions, grants, loans and rebates, further decreasing the time required to derive profit from the initiative.

    EnergyLink solutions create 20+ years of cashflow. Our clients regularly see 3-4 times their initial investment on non-profit or owner-occupied buildings, enjoying 10%+ IRR and 50%+ ROI. These gains are even more enticing when considering the benefit on the greater community, and reduction of the corporate carbon footprint.

    Consider it as investment tool

    Decreasing operating expenses allow companies to generate a surplus cashflow without creating additional revenue – some even view energy investment as a tax shelter. The energy services we provide create a sustainable model from both a financial and an environmental standpoint. EnergyLink empowers its clients to wisely invest in their energy, control their usage, and increase their bottom line in an environmentally friendly way.

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