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2 Benefits of Solar Warehouses

solar warehouses

Solar warehouses are simply warehouses that utilizes solar technology as power supply. Typically, these warehouses will allocate a significant portion of their roof space for rooftop solar arrays. Solar-powered warehouses have become increasingly popular across the nation. States like New Jersey have even passed laws requiring all new warehouses built to install solar technology. Whether your warehouse must install solar to comply with these laws or not, there are two major benefits to solar warehouses that make them worth your while.

Benefits of solar warehouses

The two major benefits of solar warehouses are that they cut costs and achieve ESG objectives. These benefits are outlined below.

1. Cut Costs

Warehouses and distribution centers are large facilities with high energy use- energy costs make up approximately 15 percent of a warehouse’s total operating budget. On-site electricity from solar technology can offset or replace a warehouses grid energy usage, and therefore cut costs associated with grid energy usage. Solar power even has the potential to cut warehouse energy costs in half. The cost to produce 1 MWh of electricity from coal in 2018 was $102 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administrator. One MWh of electricity cost only $50 to produce with solar power.

Along with the energy they produce, the solar panels themselves can also offset a warehouse’s energy costs. Warehouse owners can partner with a solar company that will pay rent for the roof space where the panels are installed. This generates revenue that can be used to offset energy costs.

2. Achieve ESG Objectives

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance. Companies that demonstrate capability in these areas receive higher ESG ratings and are therefore more attractive investments and business partners. Implementing sustainability efforts such as renewable energy technology falls under the environmental category.

Demonstrating a commitment to ESG objectives and sustainability with renewable energy alternatives will also attract likeminded people to your business, whether they be in the form of potential customers or employees. It will also help to lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Interested in adding solar to your warehouse?

Are you are interested in reaping the benefits of solar warehouses? If so EnergyLink’s team of experts is prepared to walk you through each stage of the project: design, build and fund. Let our team design a custom solution for your facility’s unique needs that includes solar technology and more. Click the link below to get started. If you would like to speak to a team member directly, dial (866) 218-0380.

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