Commercial Solar Panels

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Is solar right for your company? It’s important to consider these factors

  • One Icon Do you have adequate roof or ground space on your property to accommodate solar? If so, solar may be a good fit
  • Two Icon Are there obstructions around your building that block the sun from hitting it? Adequate exposure to the sun is needed for solar
  • Three Icon Are your current energy systems compatible with solar? If not, we can still work with you on this, but this is an initial concern

Quick facts

Time to install: 2-3 weeks
Expected ROI: 3-7 years
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Now is the time to go solar. Get help from an experienced installer

As the solar industry continues to grow, many organizations are interested in the electric savings, rebates, and tax benefits that it would provide. With recent price drops, a solar array can now produce energy cheaper than retail rates, making economic sense for the end user.

As communities progress in establishing more sustainable growth, adding solar arrays to your rooftop, parking structures, and unused land will become a necessity. There is a standard 25 year warranty that will ensure your array produces long into the future, and the system will begin to put money back into your organization.

Easily get solar financing

EnergyLink’s solar expertise extends across the United States. We ensure affordable solar project funding by utilizing things like PACE financingenergy tax credits, rebates and more.

Our energy financing analysts work hand in hand with your project managers, stakeholders, or any other member of your business to ensure the most effecting funding solutions possible.

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