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2 Huge Benefits of Commercial Solar Rooftops

2 Huge Benefits of Commercial Solar Rooftops

With major companies like Google, Apple, and Walmart having either long term plans set or pledged to convert to 100% renewable energy, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that solar energy is the way of the future. But don’t assume solar energy is only accessible for giant companies like them. The cost of solar power has decreased over the last several years, making commercial solar rooftops a viable option to reach renewable energy targets.

The Commercial Solar Rooftop Installation Process is Simple

Once you have decided to move forward with a commercial rooftop solar project, here is what the next steps entail:

  1. Design and Development: The development stage is used to determine rooftop requirements for your project such as the structural capacity and electrical infrastructure. Our experienced engineers will assess the requirements for the roofing and membranes, then draw up the construction plan.
  2. Building: Once our engineers have evaluated the site, helped select equipment, and discussed the cost and potential ROI, they will obtain permits and begin construction.
  3. Maintenance: Once EnergyLink completes your solar rooftop project, that doesn’t mean you will never hear from us again! Our team is available to provide maintenance support to ensure your solar array is functioning to its maximum potential.

You may be thinking, “installing solar panels seems like more work than it’s worth!” The reality is, a commercial rooftop solar project can offer a tremendous return on investment. In most cases, you can use your building’s existing structure which will reduce the need for additional materials for a ground-mounted solar facility. A rooftop will likely be the best location for the solar panels to receive optimal sunlight.

Solar Can Work on Virtually All Rooftop Types

Will solar work for my roof? No matter what kind of roof may be covering your commercial building, EnergyLink’s skilled technicians can handle them all. We will thoughtfully design your rooftop solar project to stand up to heavy rain, strong winds, as well as thermal contraction and expansion.

There are various types of rooftops on commercial buildings, and each of them presents their own unique challenges, but EnergyLink it always up for the task.

  • Standing Seam Metal Rooftops: These are ideal when attaching a commercial solar array. By using a seam clamp, we can secure the array without penetrating the rooftop.
  • Composite or Built-up Rooftops: These are some of the most common types of rooftops we see and are very easy to work with because the materials used are readily available.
  • Modern Roof Membrane: This is most often a single ply membrane that can be made of a variety of different materials. They are easy to maintain and long-lasting, making them great for rooftop solar arrays.
  • Gravel Ballasted or Rock Rooftop: This type of rooftop may present more of a challenge. Rock may need to be moved so that the mounting system can make direct contact with the surface of the roof.

Interested in Solar? Contact Us

If you are curious whether a solar rooftop is right for your commercial building, click here to contact our team and obtain a free consultation and quote!

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