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4 Decarbonization Solutions Corporations can Deploy

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The global push for decarbonization has grown recently, with governments and organizations emphasizing efforts to reach a net-zero carbon emissions future. Decarbonization is often oriented towards a country’s economy and is achieved by targeting the most carbon-intensive industries and finding innovative solutions to cut carbon emissions. With this in mind, this is a multitude of energy solutions corporations and organization can ulitize to decarbonize their practices.

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1) Invest in energy efficiency

An important step to take towards decarbonization is to invest in energy efficiency, meaning contributing additional resources to energy solutions such as building automation and energy storage. Additionally, your organization can set energy efficiency targets and implemente policies and investment programs to increase energy efficiency. In addition, consider researching applicable tax credits and government incentives for energy solutions. The recent Inflation Reduction Act included increased tax credits and incentives for many renewable energy productions and facility constructions, with credits benefiting both new and existing developments.

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2) Emphasize decarbonization across the value chain

Across all business activities, carbon production accumulated. When considering decarbonization solutions, an organization must evaluate how emissions are produced all throughout the value chain, from the initial reception of materials to the final service. By evaluating emissions across the value chain, you can identify the largest sources of energy usage, production intensity, transportation needs, and the waste generated across processes. This information can be used to identify key opportunities to save on cost and reduce carbon output.

3) Electrify energy demand

Decarbonization emphasizes the importance of adapting technology power away from fossil fuels and towards clean electricity through renewables. Not only does shifting to clean electricy impact the global climate, but the process additionally impacts the local environment by reducing noise and air pollution. Renewable energy production can be coupled with energy storage to minimize shocks due to peak demands.

4) Measure your progress

If your organization has implemented any strategies for decarbonization solutions, you’re already on the way to extensive progress. From there, a key step is to measure how much progress was made. Processes such as Measurement and Verification (M&V) assist with quantifying the impact and savings delivered by renewable and energy efficiency projects. The M&V process parallels the construction of an energy project from start to finish.

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