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The Decarbonization Movement Explained

decarbonization movement

Progressing towards a net-zero carbon energy economy is a significant global goal that the decarbonization movement aims to target. In 2015, multiple countries came together to pass the Paris Agreement, with the goal of limiting global warming below two degrees Celsius in comparison to pre-industrial levels. The agreement has sparked many new energy solutions markets, including renewable energy production and storage.

What is the decarbonization movement?

In simple terms, the decarbonization movement is the global process of removing carbon emissions from systems. Further, the present movement seeks to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere due to human activity, with the goal of ultimately eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

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Why is decarbonization important?

The decarbonization movement is crucial to progressing towards a net zero greenhouse gas production future. Energy production and use make up for about three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, which makes production one of the most important elements of a net-zero emissions strategy for many countries. The decarbonization movement seeks to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions produced through energy production, as well as other emissions from transportation and manufacturing to name a few.

Globally transitioning away from old forms of energy production to new, renewable energy production requires stark shifts in the way we produce, store, and utilize energy. With this in mind, there are a few key strategies that countries can utilize to support the decarbonization movement. These include:

  • Optimize energy use through improved efficiency
  • Electrify energy demand towards renewables and away from fossil fuel combustion
  • Decarbonize technologies to generate electricity by shifting entirely to zero-carbon energy production

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Want to learn more?

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