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5 Benefits of SolarEdge Inverters

solaredge inverters

SolarEdge inverters are part of many solar projects installations we at EnergyLink have completed. With these installations our team and customers have experienced first-hand the benefits this technology can bring to a solar project long after its completion. Inverters, and SolarEdge inverters specifically, provide a service necessary for the conversion of electricity from panel to building.

What are solar inverters?

Solar inverters are a supplemental technology designed to invert direct current (DC) output into alternating current (AC). Solar panels produce DC electricity and your building or facility likely runs on AC electricity, making inverters a necessary middleman in the electricity conversion.

SolarEdge inverters have built-in optimizers or power point trackers that track the sun and a monitoring portal that gives both the system owner and solar installer the ability to track the performance of each panel. SolarEdge inverters installed in the past by EnergyLink are pictured below.

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Benefits of SolarEdge inverters

There are many benefits to SolarEdge inverters related to the inverter itself, the optimizers and the monitoring portal. As with any renewable energy project, your company will benefit from energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Demonstrating your company’s commitment to sustainability will attract likeminded people to your company whether as potential employees or customers. Other, less obvious benefits are outlined below.

1. Greater electricity generation

Power optimizers installed with solar panels allows for greater levels of electricity generation because each individual panel has maximum power point tracking. This is a feature unique to SolarEdge inverters. In fact, SolarEdge offers up to 150% DC oversizing or power.

2. Performance monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring platform offers customers and installers the capability to check their solar panel’s performance at all times, and to check each solar panel’s individual performance. There are also automatic alarms and alerts to notify the customer should a technical issue arise. Panel performance monitoring can be accessed on any device from anywhere as long as there is an internet signal.

3. Saftey

SolarEdge also offers the ability to shutdown each solar panel in case of emergency. This feature automatically shuts down the DC voltage from the solar panels, protecting any nearby solar installers, maintenance staff or firefighters.

4. Efficient operations

The simple function and design of a SolarEdge inverter makes for a more efficiently operating solar project. This also makes for simple installation and servicing which saves customer time and money.

5. Longer warranty

SolarEdge offers a 25 year warranty for power optimizers and a 12 warranty for inverters. This warranty is longer than its competitors.

Interested in starting a solar project?

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits that come with SolarEdge inverters start your solar project today with EnergyLink. Click the link below for a free quote or dial (866) 218-0380 to speak with a team member.

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